Pork Joints

Our Pork, like our Beef, is specifically from Cornish farms. We can then ensure consistency with its quality and flavour. The leg of pork gives you a lean, easy to carve joint, with the rind scored for the perfect crackling. The loin can be popular as a smaller joint, easy to carve. Full of flavour and tender. We prepare it rind on and scored or rindless if preferred with little fat content. You will find Shoulder of Pork, sweeter in flavour with that little extra marbling of fat. Also scored and perfect for slow roasting.

Product Name/Details Price Quantity  
Leg - 1.5kg
Leg - 2kg
Leg - 2.5kg
Loin - 1kg
Loin - 2kg
Loin - 2.5kg
Shoulder - 1.5kg
Shoulder - 2kg
Shoulder - 2.5kg
Rindless Loin - 1kg
Rindless Loin - 1.5kg
Rindless Loin - 2kg
Rindless Loin - 2.5kg
Belly Pork - 1kg
Belly Pork - 1.5kg
Belly Pork - 2kg
Belly Pork - 2.5kg

Weight Guide

(NB: Approximate conversion)