Lamb Joints

Our Lamb will always give you satisfaction. We source them from Cornish farms for that consistency and flavour. The leg joints, are perfect for their lean, tender quality, perfect for slow roasting. We can have them boned and rolled to make carving easier for you. The Shoulder of Lamb whether on the bone or boned and rolled is a sweeter, flavoursome option as a joint, as to its little extra marbling of fat, also perfect to slow roast if preferred.

Product Name/Details Price Quantity  
Leg of Lamb - 1kg
Leg of Lamb - 1.5kg
Leg of Lamb - 2kg
Boneless Leg - 1kg
Boneless Leg - 1.5kg
Shoulder of Lamb - 1kg
Shoulder of Lamb - 2kg
Boneless Shoulder - 1.9kg (Approx)
Breast of Lamb - 900g

Weight Guide

(NB: Approximate conversion)