When it comes to assembling the perfect meat pack, Kittow's always carefully consider which tender cuts make the grade - focusing on quality, variety, and even lifestyle...

So, Why Buy A Meat Pack?

Meat packs are an effective and efficient way of receiving a mouthwatering selection of meats based specifically on your chosen culinary requirements.

At the centre of our packing process is a deep consideration for your lifestyle and what you want out of your chosen selection. When it comes to diet, occasion and individual taste, there's no one-size-fits-all approach - so, when you open your meat pack, you can rest assured that everything we've selected takes your way of life into total consideration.

Whether you want to impress your friends and family over dinner or you're striving to hit those fitness targets, we've got something here for you to enjoy!

#1. Start The Day With A Full English...

There's no better way to kick off an early morning than with a quality cooked breakfast. You'll be treated to a traditional feast, including 12 pork chipolata sausages, 1lb of dry cure back bacon, eggs, mushrooms, sliced bread and all the other staples that make up a breakfast of kings.

#2. Cook The Perfect Steak

When it comes to steak, only the very best will ever do. The Kittow's steak pack has been specially created to satisfy even the harshest of critics with a selection of five classic types of steak to impress your guests. Whether you're a fillet fan or a sirloin purist, you'll find your cut of choice along with plenty more to get stuck in to.

#3. Refuel With Our Fitness Protein Pack

If you're serious about fitness, we know you're dedicated to your diet, so take advantage of the specialist meat pack designed for an active lifestyle. Protein is the building blocks your body uses for repairing and building muscle, and that's why we've included the very leanest meats to enhance your meal prep and healthy living lifestyle. However, your fitness journey doesn't have to be a bland one; that's why we've also included delicious and protein rich Lime & Sweet Chilli Chicken Strips and Seasoned Chicken Supremes for you to enjoy.

#4. Fill Your Grill With A Summer BBQ Selection!

Nothing signals the start of summer quite like a sizzling BBQ in the back garden. The Summer BBQ Pack really is a lavish surprise, including no less than 50 individual treats to throw the ultimate garden grill party.

Post By Ed Mason