A gluten-free diet is an essential component in the lifestyle of someone with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity.

However, more and more people are extracting gluten from their diet in a bid to improve overall health and reach weight-loss goals.

Whatever your reasons are for going gluten-free, the diet has made the dinner hosting experience a little more complicated as we attempt to cater for the specific needs of all our guests.

So to make things easier, Kittow's will explore the benefits of going gluten-free while taking you through our range of delicious, high quality gluten-free products that will be a hit at your next party, family gathering or intimate get-together.

#1. Helps You Cut Down On Processed Foods

Processed foods are a convenient dietary staple, but they are often filled with salt, fat, sugar, artificial flavours, and of course, gluten.

Therefore, whether you're gluten intolerant or not, cutting down on gluten usually leads to the removal of unhealthy processed foods from your life. Although there are examples of processed products that contain gluten, you'll find that you're forced to simplify your diet by cooking with only the healthy essentials, which will help you develop more of a healthy mindset and impact your food choices for the better.

Always make sure you read the labels though!

#2. You Won't Tell The Difference

One of the anxieties you may have about gluten-free products is that the taste will somehow be impaired or compromised due to the careful removal of certain ingredients - this is not the case.

In our gluten-free section, we have painstakingly considered the flavour, recipe and preparation of products such as our Gluten-Free Sausages, while constantly striving for the freshest, meatiest and most satisfying ways of creating deliciously irresistible products every single time.

#3. Kittow's Give You Peace Of Mind

With our Gluten-Free Section, Kittow's take away the stress of searching for celiac-sufferer-safe foods, giving you reassurance and confidence whenever you purchase from us.

For example, our pasties are prepared in a gluten-free environment where all the necessary checks have been made to the finished product, and along the way we have ensured that no cross-contamination will occur during any part of the preparation process.

#4. We're Fast & Convenient

There's nothing worse than finding out last minute that one of your dinner guests won't be able to enjoy the food you've provided.

With Kittow’s Quality Gluten-Free Meats you can opt for our fast and efficient next day delivery service to prepare an additional dish or amend your menu at a moment's notice.

#5. Celiac Disease Is Often Undiagnosed

Gluten sensitivities and even symptoms of celiac disease may not be apparent in or noticed by the suffer. Adopting a gluten-free diet can remedy these problems if you're able to identify them but it's incredibly important that you take time to notice any physiological changes in your body and get checked by a doctor to ascertain whether gluten is aggravating your system.

Post By Ed Mason